Valentines Love Is In The Air; For your Skin

Valentine's Day is a time when we shower our significant other with gifts of love. This year, why not show yourself some love by treating your skin to a popular facial that is in high demand during the valentine season. Whether you have a date this holiday, or plan on celebrating with your single friends, set aside an evening to pamper your skin with a decadent Cherry Chocolate Facial at Aliques. Think of it as a date with yourself!

Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Before and After

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is much bigger than worrying about an upcoming test, stress over making a deadline or concern about paying the bills next month. Everyone has a natural instinct to worry in dangerous or stressful situations. When a person consistently expects the worst case scenario, or worries about multiple issues when there is no real cause for concerned, they may be experiencing general anxiety disorder. Living with undiagnosed anxiety can be defeating and can seem to drain every ounce of joy from a person’s life.

When Your Spouse Becomes Your Boss

Every couple gets that prying question at some point in their marriage. The one that is usually personal and answered with tweaked versions of the real occurrence to appear more appropriate for the scenario they find themselves in. “Where did you two meet?” While some answers may be more embarrassing than others many couples today can say they met “at work”. Workplace romance, though sometimes frowned upon, is not uncommon. Roughly 10% of all couples in the United States met at their place of employment. Working with your spouse has its benefits for both the relationship and the workplace. Productivity increases as the couple has a better connection to their organization when working together, and the shared understanding of the spouses’ job builds a stronger relationship.

Collagen C Plus: The Essential drink to a Youthful Appearance

Watching ourselves age, year by year, is a trying task. We may feel confident with an elevated mood, but all it takes is one flip of our cars visor mirror, and that daylight beaming on our pores, wrinkles, and dark spots changes our confidence to gloom. Our fine lines are apparent, hair just isn’t as full or vibrant, and we all of a sudden feel the age we look. But what if there were a magic drink you could take that would improve all of those dreaded age generating signs? That’s why the “Anti-Aging Complete - Collagen C Plus” was created! Instead of looking for a quick fix with smoothing expensive creams over our skin daily, or spending over $100 on all of the age defying ingredients, one dose of Anti-Aging Complete - Collagen C Plus a day can save you time, money, and your health.

Varicose Vein Removal: Microphlebectomy Procedure

Varicose veins are not only unappealing and embarrassing; they can also be painful and uncomfortable. Many patients choose Microphlebectomy for the removal of these large varicose veins. This is definitely an effective treatment that doesn’t require any major surgical procedure. While the smaller veins can be eliminated with procedures like sclerotherapy or injections, microphlebectomies are reserved for those veins that are too large to be effected by these other procedures.

Back To School: Separation Anxiety for Preschoolers and Moms.

Large department stores around the world are dedicating numerous aisles to golden yellow displays filled with character baring notebooks, creative binders, and the new trend of backpacks. It’s time for our children to head back to school, or for some, begin their first steps into their journey to an education! We spend time picking out just the right pencil bag and your sweetie has to have that Avengers or Wonder Woman lunch box to make them feel like a hero. Their excitement is unfiltered for that time of preparation. However, when the big day arrives, the feeling of excitement has spun into a whirlwind of unfamiliar feelings and fear. To some parents, these fears seem silly or irrational, though they are very real to the child. For preschoolers this is an unfamiliar voyage, an important passage, and the beginning of their formal education.